Duterte plans CCTV inside govt offices

Government specialists might need to concentrate on work and maintain a strategic distance from degenerate practices since President Duterte will soon be keeping a close eye on them.

The President is arranging the establishment of shut circuit cameras in government offices to screen exercises of laborers and check debasement.

Duterte guaranteed that the proposed Gestapo-like observation in the organization would not damage any protection rights since it covers the work of general society part.

"When I said that defilement will stop. It will stop. Maniwala kayo. To all administration (representatives), 'sway ninyo akong hiyain dito. Kakasahan ko talaga kayo [Do not humiliate me or else I am prepared to pull a gun trigger" he said in a Pres meeting in Davao City last Saturday.

"I will put cameras there, similar to a Gestapo, and it's splendidly good for me. Why? This is government. This is not a private venture. There is no such thing as an infringement of security there. It's exclusive when you go into the solace room that possibly there's that constraint," he said.
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