Imee Marcos: Please forgive my Father

LAOAG CITY—Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos pled absolution for the "transgressions" of her dad, the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, toward the end of a three-day festivity of his 99th birthday in Batac City on Sunday.

"Whatever transgressions my dad conferred—he was, all things considered, human who committed errors—I trust individuals exonerate him. I trust that past every one of these issues, they would discover kindness in light of the fact that in excusing my dad, their resentment would be satisfied and they too would discover peace," Imee said in Filipino.

She said the family had been harmed by the shock activated by the arrangement to cover Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City. The arrangement was halted by the Supreme Court, which is listening to contentions on whether Marcos should be covered at the legends' graveyard.

Imee expressed gratitude toward the general population who upheld the Marcos family every one of these years. "Notwithstanding you, the family would have separated. We draw our quality, our dependability and our adoration from all of you," she said.

She portrayed her dad as a "straightforward individual from the group who cherished the Ilocano dish dinengdeng (vegetable stew), a man who wanted to move the tango, and a father who was liberal, tolerant and continually kidding around."

"He had a place with the best times of man of honor lawmakers. We are grateful for his showing administration," said Marcos' nephew, Ilocos Norte Vice Gov. Eugenio Angelo Marcos Barba.

"When I asked mother (Fortuna, Marcos' most youthful sister) what was her most extraordinary involvement with Uncle Andy (Marcos), she reviewed that when she should have been in Manila after the war, her sibling came hurrying to her and went with her from Sarrat (town) to Manila. Going to Manila that time was extremely troublesome," Barba said.
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