Liberal Party(LP), Sino ang Tinakot ninyo?

There is so much discussion of a Liberal Party Plan A, B, C… whatever and I say, proceed. If it's not too much trouble attempt. Sinong tinakot nyo? Puro kayo salita, puro kayo dad porma – yet with regards to substance, nganga.

De Lima? You're even excessively idiotic, making it impossible to see that you were simply given an escavator to cause your own downfall. In your urgency to bind Duterte, you neglected to check your source. You could have fueled a little city with the measure of kuryente that Matobato's declaration created. Mali ang dates, mali ang areas, mali ang pangalan, mali, mali, mali.

Furthermore, you need to impugn President Duterte with that? Proceed how about we perceive how far you can take it? Individuals Power? Overthrow, speaks to the global group, outsider attack, divine intercession – ano dad? Ilagay nyo na lahat dyan para magka alaman na kung sino ba talaga ang may supporta

Nakakapagod na yung acting ninyo. Puro kayo noiseless dominant part, quiet not any more, noiseless of the moronic – proceed, quit being noiseless. Moved into the open na so we can perceive what number of you truly are. You say Duterte does not have the backing of the lion's share, show it – hindi yung puro lang kayo daldal.

Ang yayabang ninyo. Akala nyo kasi kayo lang ang magaling. You are notwithstanding ready to drag the entire nation down – and for what, para maupo ulit kayo? For six more years of entilted inadequacy? Of an administration who denies – even notwithstanding irrefutable proof of its own idiocy – to face its own particular questionability.

You think you can succesfully situate that Leni Robredo of yours? Good fortunes with that. You will more probable shred the nation than introduce that termite in Malacañan.

Pwede ba, tigilan nyo na kami. We don't need you back. Seriously,,we don't. whatever remains of the nation simply needs to move on without this political high-show that you demand foisting on every one of us. At the point when past organizations lost force – Mitra to Ramos, De Venecia to Erap, Erap to Gloria, Gloria to Aquino – the losing party lived with it.

Be that as it may, not the Liberal Party, the gathering of blue bloods and political eminence. You simply need to overemphasize it. Kayo na nga ang nandaya, ngayon kayo dad racket ang may ganang mag reklamo dahil talo pa din kayo? Tigilan na please.


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