"Is this another instance of 'lost in interpretation?'" said the Secretary, Dept. of Agriculture Manny Piñol.

As indicated by Piñol, Tempo supervisor Rey Bancod called to request that he accept a news report originating from Jakarta, Indonesia citing President Joko Widodo as saying that President Rody Duterte gave his "Go" signal for the execution of sentenced medication donkey Mary Jane Veloso.

This was trailed by another meeting by DZMM stay Anthony "Ka Tunying" Taberna who likewise made the same inquiry.

"No, I never heard President Duterte say that he was giving the Indonesian Government the "Go" sign to execute Veloso." said Piñol.

As indicated by Piñol, he is certain in light of the fact that he was available amid the reciprocal talks between the Indonesian Government and the Philippine Government at the Istana Merdeka President Palace.

He was likewise present amid the conveyance of authority proclamations by the two Presidents after the reciprocal talks and he additionally joined the gathering amid the State Dinner offered by President Widodo for President Duterte too his Party.

He was situated a seat far from President Duterte with Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. situated between them, amid the reciprocal talks.

Over the table, Indonesian President Widodo was confronting President Duterte and he was around two meters far from him.

"Perhaps it was out of propensity that as a previous newsman, I took notes of the trading of explanations between the two Presidents amid the respective talks." said Piñol.

"It was President Widodo who put forth the opening expression and President Duterte reacted by perusing a readied articulation."

He additionally said that he couldn't cite President Duterte verbatim however he is not certain that the transcript of his announcement would demonstrate that what he said amid the official proclamation was the accompanying:

"We regard your laws. We won't meddle with your legal procedures however we are requesting leniency."

That announcement alluded to the instance of Veloso as well as for the 105 Filipino anglers who are currently confined in various correctional facilites all over Indonesia for affirmed unlawful angling exercises.

"So is this another instance of "lost in interpretation?" Only the Indonesian side could clarify that."

"To the extent I am concerned and as a previous writer myself, I can state with sureness that amid the authority reciprocal talks between the two pioneers, President Duterte never said he was giving a "Go" signal for the execution of Veloso."

"Indeed, he didn't specify her name and just alluded to her as a Filipino whose destiny under Indonesian laws he would regard." said Piñol.
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