SENATOR LACSON: Ibalik ang Death Penalty

Death penalty has always been an issue here in our country. If you look back into our history, death penalty was abolished in the year 1987. After 23 years, in 1999 Leo Echegaray was executed after much debate from different parts of the government.

In 1999, Senator Ping Lacson is the Chief PNP and has experienced firsthand what it was like after Echegaray was executed. Bearing this experience, he alongside Senator Tito Sotto are the only Senators who approve of bringing back death penalty. Just this July, Senator Lacson file a bill that will seek to bring back death penalty for heinous crimes.
Lacson said it is time to revisit Republic Act No. 7659, or the Death Penalty law, because a perceived surge in heinous crimes in recent years has shown life imprisonment, in lieu of death penalty, is no longer enough to stop grave offenders.

Hence, to reinstate public order and the rule of law, there is an impending need to revisit and re-impose the death penalty on certain heinous crimes which as ratiocinated by R.A. 7659 or the Death Penalty Law, is appropriately necessary due to the alarming upsurge of such crimes which has resulted not only in the loss of human lives and wanton destruction of property but also affected the nation's efforts towards sustainable economic development and prosperity while at the same time has undermined the people's faith in the Government and the latter's ability to maintain peace and order in the country,

The senator said his bill seeks to re-impose the death penalty for the following heinous crimes: human trafficking, illegal recruitment, plunder, treason, parricide, infanticide, rape, qualified piracy and bribery, kidnapping and illegal detention, robbery with violence against or intimidation of persons, car theft, destructive arson, terrorism and drug-related cases, among others.
In line with this issue, senior anchor Pinky Webb sat down with Senator Lacson in a one on one interview about bringing back death penalty in the Philippines.

During the interview, Lacson has some points why he thinks restoring death penalty will be good for our country.

  1. After Leo Echegaray was executed, there was an influx of victims that went to PNP to report that they have been raped. That means, according to him, that the victims saw hope that what happened to them can be served justice after all.
  2. According to Lacson, the reason why the druglords from mainland China, Taiwan and other neighboring countries are all going here for shelter is that because we do not have death penalty, whereas all the other countries around us do.
  3. If you are a drug criminal, you will choose the Philippines because if you get caught here, you will not be executed, you will still have a good life inside the prison.

Talking about the good life in prison, Lacson added:

"I think, again, it's a good move by the President, by this administration, to replace the jail guards with SAF personnels."

Source: leaknewsph

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