Walden Bello calls Duterte supporters stupid, delusional, and sick

Walden Bello, a losing senatorial competitor and an individual from the Akbayan partylist that additionally incorporates Risa Hontiveros, went on a rage on Facebook assaulting the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte for what he calls "their overwhelming support for extrajudicial killings and judgment of essential human rights." 

Bello's blistering judgment of around 16 million Filipinos originates from their endorsement of Duterte's hostile to wrongdoing campaign and the hardline strategies it utilizes against suspected medication pushers and bigtime drug masters. Which he portrays on the other hand as taking a "leave of their faculties," a "mass mental trip," and like "being affected by medications." 

In his tirade, Bello not even once recognized that the general population's acknowledgment of the uncommon means as of now being utilized to tackle the medication issue has, at its foundations, the exceptional disregard of the past organization. By declining to much think about how possible it is that there is some defense for this all indignation, Bello shows himself to be the extremist, self-important braggart that he is.
I positively concur with my companion Jonas Bagas that Duterte fan have no imposing business model on ineptitude, and that the Roxas, Poe, and Binay camps have what's coming to them of dumb people. Likewise, that we need to take a gander at sociological instead of hereditary elements to clarify individuals' political conduct. In any case, it is unquestionable that with their foaming backing for extrajudicial killings and judgment of central human rights, Duterte supporters have withdrawn of their faculties. I think their omission into mass mental trip is much the same as being affected by medications, something that sociologists like Gustav Lebon described as group tainting. Be that as it may, dissimilar to the president, who does not trust you can restore drug addicts, we trust we can restore political addicts like the Duterte enthusiasts from their social compulsion and welcome them back to edified society. It's only an issue of giving delicate, cherishing care. Yet, as with the medication client, the initial step is dependably the hardest, that is, yung pagkukumbinse sa kanila na sila'y ang may sakit. – Walden Bello 

Bello's demands of being genius poor is gave a false representation of by his deigning mentality towards those, determined by their sadness and hopelessness, have taken a way that they generally won't not have had they got the "delicate, cherishing care" that he specifies from the Aquino organization. 

No, Mr. Bello, we don't bolster Duterte in light of the fact that we are under the dream that he has some enchantment wand that can whisk every one of our issues away. Nor are we affected by some spell that makes us heedless to the perils of that lie ahead. Be that as it may, following quite a while of vacant guarantees, incapable administration, and pseudo-pioneers like you, we are more than willing to do what needs to be done. Going for Duterte isn't craziness, adhering to the same fizzled arrange over and over is. What's more, to the extent being debilitated, yes we are – we are tired and tired of you and your kind. 

On a side note, netizens who responded adversely to Bello's post earned a taunting answer from the creator to "please keep the poop coming."

Walden Bello calls Duterte supporters stupid, delusional, and sick Walden Bello calls Duterte supporters stupid, delusional, and sick Reviewed by DUTERTE DDS on 4:39:00 PM Rating: 5

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