Estrada requires drug tests for Manila barangay execs

MANILA -- Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada announced on Sunday mandatory drug tests for all elected barangay officials of the city.

"If the rank and file could submit themselves to drug testing, the more should those elected in public office. Many of them, if not all, may have submitted themselves to a simple drug test before, but I encourage them to undergo the more precise examinations available in Metro Manila that would not just detect illegal drugs in urine or blood but even in hair follicles," Duterte said.

Estrada said the move came following the anti-drug operation in Islamic Center, Quiapo last Friday where incumbent Barangay 648 chairman Faiz Macabato was killed after a shootout with police officers who were about to arrest his brother, a drug suspect.

He added that officials who will be found positive for drug use will be dismissed from service and will face criminal and administrative cases.
"It is a betrayal of public trust. People elected them (barangay officials). Do you think they are worthy of their positions if they're drug addicts?" Estrada said.
Last August 18, Estrada along with members of the Sangguniang Panglunsod, including Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, subjected themselves to a surprise drug test at the city hall. None tested positive.

Source: Theviralnewsph

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